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13.9.2010 - 00:01
New Memefest WEB is ONLINE!
Here it is: brand new, sexy and good. New Memefest web site.
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8.8.2010 - 02:44
Coming Soon!
New Memefest WEB platform screen shot nr.1.
School will be back in session. Soon.
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4.8.2010 - 15:46
Does NEW MEDIA help us see and connect more?
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27.7.2010 - 00:14
Relational aesthetics- does it have a social impact?

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27.6.2010 - 23:02
Critique of Critique
Why Has Critique Run out of Steam? From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern

by Bruno Latour
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Zadnje: 1.8.2009

Selection of works submitted during the festivals years.
23:56 activism advertising Alex_Foti Anarchism animation art Award Awards Bag_news based_ beauty best_works blog book branding Brian_Holmes call capitalism Charter Climate_action communication competition conference contest craft Creativity Critique culture culture_jam deadline decoding design Design_observer dialog dialogue digitallabor discusion documentary Economics education election Enviromentalism evaluation feedback festival festival-outlines Four_minutes_to_midnight galleries gallery graffiti guerilla gumelection ideas ideology image Innovation inspiration internet Jury jury-comments kernow Kevin_Lo knowledge laibach literacy location_ marketing memefest Memefest-2008 Memefest2008 Memefestposter Memefest_RECHARGED meme_tv money Montreal music new_media outlines p2p Parasites photography Piratebay play political_communication poster protest race radical-beauty radicalbeauty radical_beauty reader Rebelart reconceptualisation relational_aesthetics response-ability results revolution Rheingold Rushkoff smetnjak social_media sticker Stickeraward street_art students submissions subversive-beauty surveillance typography university Vaan_Toorn video web WIFI winners Zine zoe