Festival Community
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The Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art is organised by Memefest Kolektiv together with the wider Memefest network.

Each year, Memefest singles out a text and/or image that serves as a focal point for a critical take on the current media and communication environment. The festival’s Friendly competition opens in three categories: Critical writing, Visual communication practice and Beyond...   Participants are asked to respond to the chosen texts and images with written or visual entries (according to their discipline).

Anyone can participate. There are no age limitation and participation is free of charge.

After the deadline, submissions are evaluated by an international board of hand picked curators and editors, composed of distinguished educators, artists, media activists, researchers, educators, theoreticians and professionals from the spheres of social theory and humanities, design, arts and social communication.

A limited nr. of Authors will rank among the curated and edited choices among all submitted work. All curated and edited works will be part of the special Memefest "Good communication and art" work edition. Authors will receive Memefest GOOD COMMUNICATION WORK recognition of excellency.

Those Authors will get special written feedback by Memefest's curators and editors. This is a very special and unique dimension of Memefest. This feedback, we believe, can be highly beneficial for you to reflect on your work and gain more knowledge to improve your future practice. The fact of having your submitted work in the festivals curated and edited selection is a big recognition of your work. This is important part of Memefest's award to you. Every Author who's work is ranked that high will actively contribute to the process of  establishing international standards of good communication. 

All entries are displayed on the website with comment boxes provided for visitor feedback.

Submission deadline is yet to be announced.


Everyone is invited to join the community. You can do this by creating a personal account. Once created it allows you to establish your own personal network of comrades. You can publish blogs which will be read by the international community, you can publish projects in our special gallery and show the world your socially beneficial communications practice in a way which is dialogic and contextualised. Once posted you will be able to get informed feedback from the community. You will also be able to directly ask community members, whom you respect, to feedback on your work and of course you are invited to comment on project and blog posts other community members published.

It's important to note that what ever you do and what ever data you provide on Memefest network it will never be given to anyone including corporate bloodsuckers of any kind! It is also important to know that because of this you will never be exploited as digital laborer. You will never be working without knowing it and no one will ever capitalise on your actions!