Festival Community
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Memefest operates as a small communication/ arts/theory collective and a wider international network of close collaborators.

Based in Slovenia and Australia, but united across five continents by our dedication to spreading alternative theory and praxis, the Memefest broader team is an international network of communication experts, media activists, academics, artists, professionals, educators, researchers and good people. Not only that, but we have established local centers in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Serbia which spread socially beneficial memes around South America and the Balkans.

Already in our 10th festival year, we grow increasingly more excited about the overwhelmingly large and positive response we have generated. We thank you for your continued support and collaboration!

Memefest FESTIVAL TEAM are :

Oliver Vodeb ( oliver at memefest.org ), Facilitator, Principal editor and curator, conceptual & creative director

Vida Voncina,  (vida at memefest.org), Pedagogy

Dejan Vodeb (dejan at memefest.org ), Head of organisation

Rok Klemencic, Web page, print and other design

Nikola Janovic (nikola at memefest.org), Trusted agent

Ana Pavlišič (ana at memefest.org), Development and Administration of the web page

Memefest Balkan: Nikola Janovic, Jaša Gabrijan,  (jasa at memefest.org)

Memefest Colombia: Claudia Jurado Grisales,  (esteban at memefest.org)

Memefest concept: Oliver Vodeb 

Beyond... concept: Tomas Liacas, Oliver Vodeb

Scream concept: Katja Petrin Dornik, Oliver Vodeb

Memefest All Stars: Lejla Kogej, Tina Mehle, Marko Gutman, Paul Dechene, Urška Prusnik, Katja Petrin Dornik, Matevž Medja, Mitja Miklavcic, Tom Liacas, Lovro Žitnik, Kernow Craig, Zoe Romano, Gašper Koren, Andreja Vezovnik, Paulo Hartmann, Ines Nin; Organisations: PINA, PINK SWEATER, LOESJE;