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The deadline for submitting the work has passed.

Procedure for submitting your work(s)

1. Create your memeaccount
When you finally decide to submit your work(s), your first step is the creation of your memefest account (easy as 1,2,3!). All entrants need to have a memefest account to participate.

2. Submit your work
The second step is to log in and go into the "submit your work" page. Repeat the function for each work you intend to submit.

Submission deadline: 20th of September 2014

You will still be able to edit/delete your work after submiting it UNTIL SUBMISSION DEALINE. To do this, you can go to your profile page and look for the work in your 'festival works' list.

Problems with submission?

If you are experiencing any problems while submitting your work, please let us know about it: send us an email to web at memefest.org.

If you are having problems with uploading your file, please check if your file name contains any strange characters and remove them.
If your file size is more then 50MB, please write to web at memefest.org if your upload failed the first time for the alternative way of uploading the file.

You can also write to us, if you have already started with the submission, but then you were not able to finish with submitting your work and the data you entered is lost. We might be able to bring your data back, so you will not need to start the submission all over again.

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