Festival Community
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1. The main festival competition is open to anyone who want to participate. There is no age restriction and participation is free of charge.

2. Each participant can register multiple works in a particular category. However, each work requires the submission of a separate registration form.

3. Each work can compete in only one competition field. Exception is the special category "Mobilization". Works can be registered in the regular competition as well as in "Mobilization", if they match all criteria. Festival can make pre-selections of works to assure that submitted works match all friendly competition criteria before the evaluation process starts.

4. A single work can be registered by a group or collective. Names of all authors should be clearly indicated.

5. Submissions may be in Slovene, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Serbian language. A summary and short description /abstract+ key words will have to be provided in English via the submission form.

6. Previously published works may be submitted. Also, previously submitted academic work may be entered as long as it suits the friendly competition's themes.

7. Works that do not comply with the minimum standards of format and content will not be eligible for awards.

8. Works have to be registered by the deadline.

9. Anonymous works will not be taken into consideration.

10. Persons actively involved in Memefest are not allowed to participate in the friendly competition.

11. Persons younger then 18 years of age may not participate in the friendly competition but may have their works exhibited.

12. Memefest can use works submitted to the festival or created at its workshops for furhter research and publishing including books and other printed matter and public presentations, screenings and on www.memefest.org. In any event outside of this examples will do our best to contact authors for consent.

Deadline for submissions is September 20th 2016!



September 20. 2016