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GALLERY 2010/2011




Description of campaign/project

AMCV is a tool that allows anyone with a computer or a mobile phone to have knowledge about the location of surveillance cameras and aims to debate about the widespread use of surveillance and its effects on the public spaces and the privacy of the individual.

On-line open community.
Free software for mobile phones.

AMCV is a tool that goes beyond the common use of mobile technology. It gives the people the ability to understand their environment regarding surveillance systems and motivates the citizen to take action by contributing to a free and open database of surveillance cameras. This information is often managed secretly. The project makes this data of public knowledge.

I learned that collaboration is the best way to work for projects that require different and specialized knowledge when resources are limited.

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I've always been a big fan of mappings (like http://bureaudetudes.org/). It has a great educational and visual aspect and helps to clear things up. And I'm also a big fan of projects that deal with surveillance camera (see also “panoptICONS” or "The Surveillance Camera Players") and there are even some similar projects like http://www.appliedautonomy.com/isee.html, http://cctvtreasurehunt.wordpress.com/, http://ambienttv.net/content/?q=mappingcctv, http://guymon.de/, etc. But still: Visualizing surveillance systems in a map, offering it as a free tool for mobile phones and creating a community that can interact and participate is a great instrument for more "Aufklärung", communication around an important subject and to sensibilize a bigger audience. That's why it gets my full support - we need more of these projects!

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11 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for your support Alain. Unfortunately AMCV is low on activity. Mainly because there are no funds to work on it. But we are always looking for places to show it and expect to get more attention. Next month we are doing a workshop with it @: http://culturadigital.org.br/project/amcv-alerta-movil-de-contra-vigilancia/

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Alerta Móvil de Contra-Vigilancia

Concept author(s)

Jorge Benet Sánchez Noriega

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Concept author(s) contribution

The idea to put a map of surveillance cameras on a mobile phone that are updated via a website where people can contribute to the database.




Jorge Benet Sánchez Noriega

Designer(s) year(s) of birth


Designer(s) contribution

Web page design. Blog design. Stencils, stickers printed and poster design.

Other author(s)

Leonardo Aranda; Gabriel Velazquez; Jorge Benet

Other author(s) year(s) of birth

1981; 1981; 1982.

Other author(s) contribution

Leonardo Aranda: Mobile software programming; Gabriel Velazquez: User registration, MySQL database, Open Layers programming (map interface); Jorge Benet: Surveillance camera scouting, GPS tracing, Open Street Maps mapping.

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I do video and interactive stuff. I do it in México and had exhibitions on Festivals on México City, Barcelona, Bogotá, Montreal.