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GALLERY 2010/2011


EcoMag No.1



Description of campaign/project

I wanted to challenge fantastical, techno-fantasy visions of the future that are common in the mainstream. I wanted to create artwork that would popularize important concepts such as the steady state economy and energy descent. I wanted to give activists props to start conversations. I wanted to produce a magazine about ecology that might interest people who would not identify themselves as environmentalists.

I made visual media which aimed to start discussions on ecology and the future. The artwork was exhibited at over 20 events in 2009/2010 (see: http://bit.ly/egbONa). The work was exhibited in public space and often in spaces that activists from the Camp for Climate Action occupied, to help engage people passing by with the some of the issues in a non threatening manner. The artwork also became a magazine that was given away or sold for a few pounds.

The project enabled dialogue on ecology, climate change and the future in a variety of spaces. I have been told that the Steady State poster is being used as a teaching resource. ABCD Scenarios helps starts discussions on energy descent.

That self-publishing a magazine is hard work and magazines are heavy to carry around.


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EcoMag No.1


Future Scenarios

Concept author(s)

Jody Boehnert

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Concept author(s) contribution

Art Director, Producer, Graphic Designer.


United Kingdom (Great Britain)


Angela Morelli; Andrew Merritt; Airside; Jody Barton; Rod Hunt; Leona Clarke; Kate Evans; Jamie Slimmon; Si Yeun Kim

Designer(s) year(s) of birth


Designer(s) contribution

Designers and illustrators either responded to a call for submissions I posted on-line or were contacted directly by me to respond to a theme. I raised money from a Lottery Award to pay them a relatively modest fee for their work.


United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Copy author(s)

Herman Daly, David Holmgren, Mark Lynas

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Copy author(s) contribution

Three authors gave us permission to republish critical texts.

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I am director of EcoLabs, a small non-profit in London UK which aims to nurture whole systems thinking, foster ecological literacy, 
and create an alternative cultural vision that will drive transformational change 
to meet the goals of a fully sustainable society. EcoLabs experiments with creative intervention.