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GALLERY 2010/2011


Climate Camp


Description of campaign/project

I have created 16 A0 posters in 2007 and then another 10 A1 posters in 2009-2010 that are used to help people understand what is is that Climate Camp is all about. I worked with a team of photographers and other activists to make this exhibition. Like everything Climate Camp does, we funded it ourselves.

In terms of production we used a consensus method of making decisions which was very difficult for me as the designer, but necessary to keep with the ethos of the camp. The posters travel to Climate Camp groups around the country to help the climate movement grow.

During 2007-2009 the climate movement in the UK grew significantly and was prominent on the public agenda. Climate Camp helped shift the public debate towards a critique of the structural forces which contribute to climate change. The Camp for Climate Action grew from a small group of activists who were regarded as extreme, to a strong public voice pushing a more radical agenda. The work that campers did on the ground, by engaging local people with our processes (with the help of the exhibition) was critical.

That design by consensus is hard work!


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Climate Camp


Road Show

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Jody Boehnert; Amy Scaife; Mike Mike Russell: Kristian Buss

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1970, ???

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Graphic Designer; Producer, Photographer; Photographer; Photographer;


United Kingdom (Great Britain)


Jody Boehnert;

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Graphic design and art direction


United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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The text is the work of about ten different individuals from the camp and edited by the communications working group.


United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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The project is a collaborative effort involving everyone at the Camp for Climate Action.


United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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I have worked with the Camp for Climate Action (Climate Camp) since 2007. This involves organizing through consensus processes actions and camps.