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GALLERY 2010/2011


Orto diffuso


Description of campaign/project

Orto diffuso is a map but also a project to let people know underground urban vegetable gardens.
In a town like Milano a growing number of people are interested in urban gardening. They are squatting private and public spaces and sometimes they are evicted.
Milano is approaching to the 2015 Expo, which will be dedicated to food and environment. It's very sad that the municipality does not care of private efforts and desiders.
A map it's a very easy way to be aware of a problem. In the map you have an istant approach to the complexity of the situation, with textes and photos. And if you live near to a garden, you can contact people to do what you want.

The blog with the map-

If one understand be a member of a big group of people sharing the same problems and not a single case, he can join the other and fight better to reach what he wants.

When the project started it was almost a joke. Instead the number of people interested in it let it grow and also win an award (Aicare Award 2010, http://www.aicare.it/award />I nedd to do more work because people want to be connected.


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Orto diffuso


A project of mapping vegetable gardens in Milano

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mariella bussolati

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I made up the blog and the map.

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Orto diffuso is a project of mapping vegetable gardens in Milano. As everyone knows metropolis and vegetable gardens are the opposit. Anyway a growing number of people (due to economic crisis but also to the pleasure of Diy) are demanding more spaces to do vegetable gardening in town. many are squatting abandoned lots, some require a more istitutional recognization. But the town of Milano in anwering very slowly to those requests. Orto diffuso is collaborationg also with Libere rape metropolitane, the network of urban gardens in Milano.