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GALLERY 2010/2011


Free Info


Description of campaign/project

In our humble opinion, this is what modern public service is all about.
We sat up a free information service in one of the busiest areas of London and tried to give people whatever they wanted in order to connect, learn and relate with and from people. There is no commercial value, it is all about the people.

We have two main approaches in our way of communicating. First of we use direct face to face contact; setting up our stand and actually talking to people and learning from it. We then put the result, in this case a film, on our website for the rest of the world to see. We try to ask a lot of questions, but never provide one answer. This is how diverse interpretations make up the whole picture of the manifold opinions and experiences we try to provoke.

We are questioning public service. We ask who is it for and where does it come from? We make people talk to each other outside the realms of commercial activity - we help and assist only through an empathetic interest.

That we are not alone in our confusion on public service. We also learned that people's wants are limited to simple things and asking for what you really need is more complex for people than we thought. Getting people to tell what they want is often harder than actually providing it.


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Free Info


Public service

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Jakob Ohrt and Christian Halsted

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All work by The Doublethink Project, run by Jakob Ohrt and Christian N. Halsted.


United Kingdom (Great Britain)

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Doublethink’s intention is to gather different viewpoints of contemporary life within the realms of conceptual art, social science and alternative and investigational approaches to cultural abstractions.