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GALLERY 2010/2011




Description of campaign/project

Fences define a perceptual edge between public and private lands. When these fences deform, this edge is thickened.

fencePOCKET is designed to realize new public space by facilitating the occupation of these fencescape deviations.

fencePOCKET uses reclaimed tarp to realize new public space within fencescape deviations, allowing others to create gardens, benches and freestores where only a bent fence currently exists.

This is about spreading love by beautifying and placemaking in our public streets.

We use visual communication within a language of commonly-found materials. It is a communication based in color and positioning, not in a verbal language.

We are creating a new place in a public space, one that can contribute to community-building. By utilitizing the chainlink fence as a garden or free store, a new meeting place emerges to foster further communications.

I learned that determination and compromise are essential to the completion of any project.


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fencePOCKET is designed to realize new public space by facilitating the occupation of these fencescape deviations.

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Scott Shall

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fencePOCKET is the latest work of the International Design Clinic (IDC) is a registered not-for-profit that helps students, artists, architects and other creative professionals use their unique creative talents to design and construct projects with communities in need throughout the world


United States of America


Skye Ruozzi; Steph DeJarnette; Susie Nathan

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1987; 1984; 1986

Designer(s) contribution

Defining the weaving process; Defining the weaving process; Creating the instruction manual


United States of America

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Aaron Fleury; Jon Reisinger; Sarah Koljonen; Caroline Wineburg

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1988; 1989; 1983; 1990

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completed first gallery install at Swope Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA


United States of America

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This is about reclaiming the public streets in useful ways. You can practice anywhere there is chain link fence.