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GALLERY 2010/2011




Description of campaign/project

With the love (and passion) of computer players (and the rest of the world)....
we can resolve all conflicts …with the little help of our imagination

I use graphic novel language: drawings and text. Scenario (the story) is very important. Mostly always documentary/ autobiographic. I write and sketch the situations. Then I cut out the text, not to tell something twice: in text and drawings
For F.W.P. I even “tested” the scenario in reality and it came to real campaign which is basic for this (partly documentary, partly fictional) work. I am trying now to promote this work in other media : as participative art action or as “performance” or as “illustrated storytelling”. In Beograd was printed 20 pages of F.W.P. story in one literature magazine: see photo.
I am asking audience for their comments and critics. I am planning to organize that also other artist could make their own chapters in their own styles. This graphic novel comments and critics will be exposed regularly on internet.
I would like to have “moving studio” from galleries to museums, libraries and other institutions where I would present this work . I am sourcing for collaborators, advisers and producents.

In my documentary work (books Stormy see 1 and 2) I am giving the rapport out of my personal position , I let readers to see my transformation process :at first “tourist in Greece “ (self confident, curious, “superficial”) ) to “refugees” captured in passivity: should we go home or should we stay and wait.
In the second book I show the readers even harder this process: I am full of fears, uncertainty, negative perceptions and wrong judgements., I have no intuition, I make many mistakes.
I wanted to show how “immigration process” harm us, especially adults. With this I want to increase better understanding between “domestic” people and “immigrants”.
I am warning the potential immigrants to think twice before make that step.

In F.W. P. project I am giving one “solution” in interesting and appealing form how to activate generations of addicted on computer games and use their knowledge and experience to improve the world.
900 pages of this “speculative fiction story” in periodical appearance should keep attention for few years and unite readers (cohesive element). I want to make readers to refer on my “proposition”, to give critics, to give suggestions, to be creative with me.
My heroes are using democratic way to achieve their goal: they are running political campaign and even have success. From outsiders (immigrants) they become leading figures in political life.

I am long time occasionally busy with this project.
I learned this: the story about “peace” is more dangerous than story about “war”.
I am also surprised that finding subsidy or publisher will be so hard. First financial help came recently, after more than 20 applications : Project subsidy Funds BKVB.
I learned a lot how the financing of arts and culture, producing , publishing and distributing.
With the time I see the power of F.W.P. better and I can present it better.


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How to really change the world

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Helena Klakocar

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Scenario, drawings, dialogs, lay out etc...



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I am the educated on Visual Arts Academia, Zagreb, Croatia. I was known by mine absurd comics, film animation , posters and classical prints, paintings etc. I was member of the multidisciplinary group ZZOT, we had many exhibition in EU on big art exhibition . My “art activism” started in Greece (‘91) , while I was making my first documentary graphic novel. It was published as graphic novel "Passage en Douce" in Belgium in 1999. Book received high awards in France but since I am criticising (among other things) also the immigration politics in Holland, Dutch publishers ignore my work. I am member of the international group Migrative Art in Brussels and we were the guests at Academia Solitude, Stuttgart . There we worked in the group of international social designers. We were involved in design of posters and other visual messages (newspaper) for Antiglobalist demonstration in Brussels. In 1999 my group De Dam made media campaign for promotion of peace and tolerance: Bleeding sculptures. I was part of exhibitions: Move Your World , Amsterdam and Fort Europe, Almere. I practise my activism in the form of graphic novels, they are published in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Since publishers are afraid to stand after radical ideas, visibility of my books is modest. I work with artist collectives (Freon, Brussels), NGO publishers (Fabrika knjiga, Beograd) etc.