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GALLERY 2010/2011


I Have No Perfect Sex Appeal


Description of campaign/project

Today, the principal obstacle for love in life is the presence or absence of sex appeal. Women's self-esteem is very difficult without exhibiting socially normalized sex appeal, and thus it becomes a real challenge to let the barriers down in order to be truly loved by others. The other opposite, which is the overemphasis of sex-appeal, can only lead to more conflicts in love relationships.

Verbal and corporal language are my key medium towards an authentic communication of my beliefs and experiences.

Society values fake and very superficial aspects of human relationships, by ignoring authenticity of each human being. Ubiquitous marketing of control and power amplifies conflicts in love, which necessite self-aware vulnerability and genuine confidence in each others. My communication aims to share this realization with other people, with the hope that they will see authentic and valuable moments through the dancer movements, beyond traditional techniques and messages.

An interior conflict is created when watching my own image. However, the ideal dream is quickly forgotten because I get much more pleasure from mystic interactions experiences with other people than from looking at video images. That being said, these images will probably generate various reactions among the viewers that will notice different characteristics of the event: Some will be touched by the dichotomy between the two voices, some by the aspect of the body of the dancer (or its sex-appeal), some will like the story, and some others will fall asleep.


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Entry details


I Have No Perfect Sex Appeal


Why do I have to lose myself?

Concept author(s)

Josianne Viens

Concept author year(s) of birth


Concept author(s) contribution

Josianne chose the texts to be read. She created the dance improvisation, and directed the creation of the movie.


United States of America

Copy author(s)

Jean-Francois Paiement

Copy author(s) year(s) of birth


Copy author(s) contribution

Voice over the video. Did some video editing.

Other author(s)

Marc Abrahams and Arthur L. Gillom

Other author(s) year(s) of birth


Other author(s) contribution

These are the two authors of the texts read in the video. 1) The Ig Nobel Prizes, by Marc Abrahams; 2) I Want You, by Arthur L. Gillom


United States of America

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Subfield description

I am a feminist social worker activist. I participated in Artivistic and other artistic projects with strong social orientation. I'm active on the queer scene in San Francisco and support various modes of interactions between people. For instance, I practiced dance improvisation for many years in Montreal. Overall, I strongly believe in the potential of group creativity.