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GALLERY 2010/2011


Dr./ Director


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We all have a "set of assumptions" about everything we do. My work takes that thought as a title, a direction, and then uses 3D modeling and bitmap editing software to attempt to visually describe my assumptions about visual communication in terms/forms derived from the mathematical discipline of topology.

I am attempting to address the idea of ideas ... to present a visualization that breaks down how I think about how I communicate through my artwork. It is my intent to have the strong 3D nature of this work speak to the viewer in a provocative manner: "Think about how you think ... analyze what you take in and consider how visual (and other) communication changes how you act!"

My assumption about the work "set of assumptions" is that the thoughtful viewer will be challenged to question the nature of the work and, in short order, make sense of the message: meta-analysis of one's processes of considering the world-at-large is not an option ... it is essential.

As with much of my artwork I was challenged to take this idea and turn it into a powerful visual that, in my judgment, was something that would speak to the issue of filtering, of making sense of, the effect of what we know, what we understand about our world, on how we act.


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Dr./ Director


Working hard to educate through art!

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John Antoine Labadie

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This is my work.


United States of America

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Univ. of North Carolina Pembroke, USA