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GALLERY 2010/2011


Dr./ Director

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This work is titled "Circles." How is it what we (seemingly) always work in circles or one kind or another? We begin, then commit, then rethink, then evaluate, then make progress, then come back to our original idea. How do we proceed and what kinds of imaginative processes do we apply to making sense of what is what? This work is about the process of circles and cycles.

My idea here is to use two quite things: repetition and complexity. The "perfect form" is a circle. The possibilities of what we can accomplish are greatly magnified through recording the repeated trails of our ideas ... of our considerations of what is possible. I am using basic design principles to bring these ideas to the viewer in this work.

It seems clear that nothing is as simple as we think it is. So it is with this work. I hope that my efforts to present the idea of "circles" and how we repeat and, recapitulate, and reconsider what we do will be valuable to thoughtful viewer who are interested in making sense of seeing, and understanding their cognitive patterns. The value of this work is in its message: look carefully, see patterns, make sense of what is there, act carefully based on what you know ... nothing is as simple as it first appears.

This work is mine.


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Dr./ Director


Working hard to educate through art!

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John Antoine Labadie

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This is my work.


United States of America

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Univ. of North Carolina Pembroke