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visual communication practice

Monopoly of Debt

Description of idea

Describe your idea and concept of your work in relation to the festival outlines:

I used the layout of the board game: Monopoly to show the concept of Debt. I used a Monopoly because it shows a cycle of repetition which also applies to debt. In the blocks I mentioned the reasons of why people fall in debt and the result of such occurrence, which is jail. The diagram jail is showed twice to emphasize the cycle.

For the “Chance” I wrote “How to Pay Your Debt” so that the user of such a Monopoly would be able to sort of solve the game in a way and be out of debt.

Finally, I also wanted to show that life is not a Monopoly game, financial issues such as debt are important factors to consider.

What kind of communication approach do you use?


What are in your opinion concrete benefits to the society because of your communication?

A well designed poster with a meaning and a value to the situations that are currently taking place, helps to be the voice of people who cannot be heard.

What did you personally learn from creating your submitted work?

Through research I learnt a lot about debt and the importance of Design.

Why is your work, GOOD communication WORK?

My poster translates the effects of debt and the thin line between reality and fiction (here in terms of the game and reality)

Where and how do you intent do implement your work?

I intend to add my participation and my work to my portfolio.

Did your intervention had an effect on other Media. If yes, describe the effect? (Has other media reported on it- how? Were you able to change other media with your work- how?)



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Monopoly of Debt


Monopoly of Debt

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Rowan El Atrache

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I wanted to show the bad effects of debt and also the thin line between reality and fiction (here in terms of the game and reality).


United Arab Emirates

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visual communication practice

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American University of Sharjah/ College of Architecture Art and Design