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The consequences of Debt


Description of campaign/project

Being in debt is a result of excess spending, living beyond your means. As a result one would have to owe money to creditors. The consequence of falling in debt leads to pressure to have to pay the money back, as it can stress you and affect your life. Severe action can be taken against one for not paying priority debts such as credit card payments, bank loans and mortgage payments, which leads to psychological pressure and confusion as to which debt to pay of first and get out of the situation. As a result people refer to financial consultants for help and advice.

Debt occurs from going over budget and not coming to real terms of what they can actually afford to spend, similarly debtors should be genuine about what they can afford to repay back, without making assumptions to pay more in the future.

This concept is illustrated in the poster, the consequence of serious debt can darken ones world once he falls into it. From the first place, people should avoid this and make sure they are repaying the money they owe, rather than letting the numbers pile up. They should reduce unnecessary expenses and ensure they budget it to live according to their means and be satisfied.

Graphic imagery and text was used to portray the concept

Society would be reminded of the effects and impact debt can have on oneself, therefore help them avoid it.

Debt is an issue that many people believe they will not fall into, but it is today's society with its increase in demands and wants that overcomes the needs of living. As a results it gets people into financial problems.


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The consequences of Debt


Debt surrounds your world

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Ala El-tahir

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Designed the poster


United Arab Emirates

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College of Architecture, Art and Design American University of Sharjah