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visual communication practice

The Thinker


Description of idea

Describe your idea and concept of your work in relation to the festival outlines:

My concept relates three things together, Human rights, Education, and Debt. A lot of students take out student loans to finish their education, then four years later they start paying it off for the next ten years -minimum-, This is how things work. However, According to The United Nations, Article 26, Everyone has the right to education. Education should be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Then why does a person dose not get this basic human right?

I chose to use dark Blue, because it is known to be the color that symbolizes Education. The idea of The thinker chair, because it embodies the dilemma that one goes through while thinking of how to pay off their student loans, since the original thinker chair captured the thinker’s uncomfortable and tortured pose that suggests a difficult intellectual struggle.

The Arabic script translates the meaning of Article 26: Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. And words from an Arabic saying about debt that translates to: debt, a burden at night, humiliation at day.

What kind of communication approach do you use?

I chose to do a poster.

What are in your opinion concrete benefits to the society because of your communication?

Students must not pay for education, for education must be free.

What did you personally learn from creating your submitted work?

This project opened my eyes to a lot of issues, like the fact that our societies, banking systems, and governments are lacking a lot of things, and a lot of people don't take their minimal human rights as individuals in the society. And maybe, that one day i can do something about it, and this project is just the beginning.

Why is your work, GOOD communication WORK?

Because it is simple looking, yet it has a complex meaning.

Where and how do you intent do implement your work?

Social media.

Did your intervention had an effect on other Media. If yes, describe the effect? (Has other media reported on it- how? Were you able to change other media with your work- how?)

No, not yet. But hopefully one day it will.


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The Thinker


The Thinker

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Yara Ramadan

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I made it


United Arab Emirates

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visual communication practice

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American University of Sharjah