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visual communication practice



Description of idea

Describe your idea and concept of your work in relation to the festival outlines:

“DECONSTRUCT” addresses how readers, viewers and the general public interpret the information that they are presented with in a public and private setting. That for many, this information is understood as being a wholesome and completely factual representation of world events. I would like my short film to encourage critical thinking and engagement with issues in the printed media. Additionally I hope to to promote a consideration of diversity in values and identities and a more open communicative space for the topics explored in the film.

What kind of communication approach do you use?

The driving factor behind selecting stop-motion animation is to highlight the intricate and numerous levels of alteration that is made from real life events. In the “inflection/infection scene” I have removed a letter to create a completely different meaning of the word. I would like viewers to associate the scene with the concept of it being impossible to document wholesome events in all aspects of their entirety. Even if one has experienced an event firsthand, we all uphold various, beliefs, values, identities and past experience that will affect our understanding and response to the same occurrence. It would also be quite difficult to documents entire events; that including the events leading up to, aftermaths and also the emotions of each individual involved and affected. Furthermore in using re-arranged newspapers and text, this brings connotations to criminal behavior such as ransom notes. I would hope that this leads the viewer’s awareness to the motives behind commercial journalism. This being that many newspapers try to uphold brand values and a certain image. Censorship is applied true information altered in order to appeal to certain values and emotions in the reader.

What are in your opinion concrete benefits to the society because of your communication?

I would like for my short film to urge people to think more critically into the information that they are presented with. Society would benefit as the film promotes the value in connecting emotionally with an issue. It also encourages the removal of the complacency of the observer when viewing published material. The title of the film “DECONSTRUCT” encourages individuals in society to develop their own opinions and to become active participants in reviewing what they are presented with. Not only in a marketed, journalistic sense would I like to see more awareness, but also in the connection that we have with others in our world. I hope to see dialogue increased between individuals who are more assertive, aware and respectful of diversity.

What did you personally learn from creating your submitted work?

As I hadn’t made a stop motion since primary school, I was glad that I learned the value of setting up correctly before shooting the entire film. Although I did aim for a more organically developed film, I set out a tripod and group my words into groups that were: “Filler words” (eg..... And, her, we) “Negative words” eg. (Kill, death, poison) “Positive words” (eg. Happiness, respect, share) and lastly “Communication/Intellectual” themed words (understand, discuss, dialogue, research). I also had another practice at understanding aspect ratios and working with the manual settings on my camera.

Why is your work, GOOD communication WORK?

My work is good advertising work as aesthetically it gains the viewers initial attention through movement, colour and music. It is able to hold their view and encourage critical thinking through the serious events presented. The themes expressed such as identity, gender, sexuality, economy, inequality and injustice are topics that we all face on a daily basis. Whether they are in our immediate environment or topics that are traditionally seen as more removed from the first world, we cannot escape that immoral behaviors such as discrimination, disregard, maltreatment are extremely detrimental to ourselves and others. The work not only encourages critical thinking but also draws the attention of the public sphere to these personal issues.

Where and how do you intent do implement your work?

I would implement the work as a television commercial, in separate segments as the film is 3:15 long. However it could be played in full at movie theaters as a trailer. It could also be displayed at a train station as people have time to exhaust before they embark on a journey; typically a place where thinking is very common-unless we are deeply consumed by the social media on our phones. The individual frames of the film could even be transformed into posters to be placed in public spaces such as the city, train stations, tram stops and shopping centers.

Did your intervention had an effect on other Media. If yes, describe the effect? (Has other media reported on it- how? Were you able to change other media with your work- how?)



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A Short Film

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Brigette Pusello

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Writer of the plan.




Brigette Pusello

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Designer of the stop motion, edits to photographs and selection of music and film transitions.

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visual communication practice

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The film addresses how the general public interpret information presented to them in different settings. That for many, this information is understood as being a wholesome and completely factual representation of world events. I would like my short film to encourage critical thinking and engagement with issues in the printed media. The film is a 3.5 minute stop motion that would be exhibited in public spaces such as train stations & film theatres.