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RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES: Friendly Competition Deadline Closed!

We are very excited to have received inspiring works from around the world to this years Friendly competition!

The theme RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES has triggered a lot of creative energy and work. It was and is a highly interesting journey for us too.
Dialogue is at the very core of socially responsive communication and art. But how does dialogue work today, what is its place in design, media and society? While communication aims to come close to an audience, intimacies are almost never created. To us dialogue and intimacies are tightly connected. How can we than think and practice radical intimacies and design related communication, situations, media? And how can we create art that establishes intimate relations?

The cca 250 works from 26 Countires are at the second look a deep interrogation in to this years festival theme. Many of them are strong, inspiring, daring and inspiring. What is especially interesting and valuable is that some authors have addressed this years friendly competition outlines in relation to some of our past themes- like 'Food democracy" or 'Debt' or 'Love/Conflict/Imagination'- things indeed are connected. We cant wait to study your submissions more!

Now the internal process begins: first we need to make sure all works are submitted properly. After that a short list will be curated. Than this selection will be curated again by the Memefest Friendly competition curators and editors. They will take three weeks time to evaluation and best works will get special written feedback. The results of this public (meta) curatorial approach will be published here online for anyone to reed. Of course there will be feedback opportunity for everyone and especially this is something we will encourage. But we'll talk more about this process later.

So when will we publish results? You need to know that this process of evaluation is highly important to us. Thorough evaluation takes time and effort.
Our curators and editors will have two weeks time and given the preselection process all together will take more than three weeks of work.

Results will be published on the 20th of October and the curated works known. Than we will also announce the three recipients of the Memefest/Swinburne award for Imaginative Critical Intervention who will be invited to take part in the special extradisciplinary workshop/intervention in Melbourne, November 18-25th at Swinburne University. This will be the next major event and one we are very excited about. We have fantastic things to announce and will write more about this soon.

For now let's get back to work. We are excited to see and read your submissions.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted works - It is important! In this way you all are contributing to the process of research, theory and practice of Socially Responsive Communication and Art. It is crucial that we work together on this. We have come a long way already.

More soon!


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8 years, 6 months ago

Its amazing to hear about this years response. I am looking forward to the conversations the works are about to spark, and with them some new friendships around the globe.

8 years, 6 months ago


8 years, 5 months ago

mee too Vida - conversations - to exchange consonants and vowels and try to make sense of the world in this way - maybe we could learn to sing to each other instead!


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