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Pleasure Praxis Education & Research: The Memefest Melbourne Sessions


The Second International Swinburne Memefest Extradisciplinary Symposium, Workshop/ Interventions event was held from November 21-28th at Swinburne University in Melbourne. This was the fourth Memefest event held in Australia, (check links to previous events at bottom of this post) and ...

Memefest PLEASURE Friendly Competition results and the Memefest / Swinburne award for Imaginative Critical Intervention


We are very excited to announce this years Memefest friendly competition results. As each year Memefest has invited the global community to engage with our special theme- this year it was PLEASURE.

Pleasure is central to our lives and communication ...

A thousand and one disguises of flesh


Tactical cooking with Oliver Vodeb, Manfred Huber & Darren Tofts

“Herodotus, Athanaeus and Plutarch have recorded that in order to stimulate the guests to enjoy earthly pleasures to the full, a coffin was sometimes brought in at the end of the ...

Memefest/Swinburne International Symposium/ Workshops Intervention 21-28 November, 2016 Swinburne University


We are highly excited to announce that from November 21st to November 28th , Memefest will again hold our international symposium, workshops and interventions, at Swinburne University, Melbourne.

Our aim is to connect students, academics and members of the community with ...

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome


Memefest has commissioned Melbourne based writer extraordinaire Darren Tofts to share his

A personal history & an invitation

Pleasure is a coveted, quintessentially human emotion. More than simple enjoyment, it is a rhythm of feeling, thought and living. I mean, isn’t that why we are all here? Isn’t it why our atoms have come together from elsewhere, colliding at the speed of light, dynamic, as we sit sort of comfortably on drab plastic chairs? While in those same utilitarian armatures, the electric charge of our minds and the humours of our bodies will bristle with static like the ambient, background chatter of the universe.

Many years ago Herr Freud thought he had discovered pleasure (his best work was on delusion). During the Viennese Doktor’s century pleasure defined not only the utopian future to come, but also something that was inextricably human; a drive always becoming, yearned for and desired (lustprinzip just don’t cut it for non-German speakers). After Freud let the grinning Cheshire cat out ...

PLEASURE: Friendly Competition Deadline Closed!


We are very excited to have received inspiring works from around the world to this years Friendly competition!

The theme PLEASURE has triggered a lot of creative energy and work. It was and is a highly interesting journey for us ...

Deadline Extended! Artists, Critical Writers and Communication Design Interventionists- 10 More Days to go!


Well, well... how great to see inspiring works from around the globe being submitted to this years Memefest Friendly Competition!

Many of you have asked for a bit more time- and we are listening. We want everyone to have a ...


Hey, welcome to the official Memefest blog!

Since 2003 we have been using a blog platform as tactical media to reflect, critique, comment and inform around the broad field of communication. Now in 2010 with our newly conceived on-line platform we hope that through time this space will evolve in a collaborative blog media with a wider group of contributors to the global discourse around social responsibility of media and communication. Stuff that you can find here is either original or carefully and originally edited from other sources.  There is a good chance that you will find things that will be of good use for you too if you follow us more regularly.

Of course we look at Memeblog as a dialogic platform. Your comments are encouraged and mostly welcome.

If you feel like collaborating in this: drop us a line: memefest at memefest dot org.