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Urban Swings

Author(s): Yes Duffy
Country: United States of America
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Description of idea

?Urban Swings? is not about its makers, or our messages. Urban swings is a celebration about public space and the people bring it to life. It?s a provocative call proving that we are not just players in our urban space, but we are shapers of urban experience. Each and every one of us.

No logos, websites, preachy activist messages or propaganda to lure you in. It?s just you and an urban opportunity. I use it for reflection---Reflection upon the American ?rush hour? mentality that often leads us scurrying through our public spaces like zombie shoppers. Or maybe it gives someone time to remember those nostalgic childhood moments when the world seems to stop, and nothing matters but friends at the playground.
These swings are made of recycled rope and wood, and serve as a call to action for the public, whether it?s to sit your ass down and swing, or to go out and make some of your own. It?s that simple, and it?s all about you.

Brought to you by your neighborhood activist.


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