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Author(s): Jaka Kramberger; Ugo Ugowsky; Leon Vidmar; Emina Djukiæ; Nata±a Beltran
Country: Slovenia
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Description of idea

\\\\\\\"Kurent\\\\\\\" is Slovenian ethnical costum, a mask that is wildly partying around and is trying to make everyone dance and jump around, in short terms, he is gathering together groups of people to join for the same unimportant goal - to party, it doesn\\\\\\\'t matter why... We used \\\\\\\"Kurent\\\\\\\" as a symbol to show the hegemony of Western armed forces, especially USA and NATO, while they are still pushing the world to join them at a shooting party in the regions of Middle East... costum symbolizes army clothes and headmask symbolizes the lack of identity of no brain soldiers that are joining this nonsense operation. The epilog of our film is a warning for all invaders in the world - at the end you won\\\\\\\'t make it...


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