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Walk. An intervention in public space.

Author(s): Constantin Demner, MA
Country: UK
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Description of idea

This intervention in public space in East London, UK, uses the language of street art to bring local history to life in the imagination of passers-by.

Part of Spitalfields has been amended with an information system, allowing the pedestrian to enter a city walk - free of charge, without the need of a tour guide or a guide book, while they go about their daily routine.

A 2km long line has been painted onto the pavement, forming the path to follow
between stenciled panels that have also been applied to the pavement, pointing out
local history, facts and sometimes more personal associations with the area.

This multidisciplinary intervention makes the bricks and concrete transparent, reawakening interest in the streets and opening people\'s eyes to the four dimensions through which they move.


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