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Decoding Visual Media: Representations of Nature in Popular Culture


I am interested in how representations of Nature in the media and popular culture effect our attitudes towards Nature. I would like to study this phenomenon and could use some help from you, yes you reader. I need more examples. I am going to try and crowd source visual samples. Please help me out by visiting this new blog: http://decoding.posterous.com . Read the brief descriptions of the main themes under investigation. If you come up with some samples that reflect the themes, please send them in or let me know. I hope to make it worth your while in the end by writing something useful. Many thanks.

IMAGE: Oil and Water - photoshot by Vogue summer 2010 on the theme of the Gulf Oil spill.


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12 years, 2 months ago

hi jody, are you interested in any visual representations of nature- exmpl. also representations such as national geographic photography, or representations which are already more culturally interpreted and are less documentary? or both? :)

12 years, 2 months ago

hi Oliver, thanks for the reply! I am interested in all visual media that relates to the five themes under investigation:

1. Environmental Collapse as Spectacle: Disaster Entertainment
2. Invisibility of Nature: Remoteness in Space and Time
3. TINA - There Is No Alternative: Fatalism and the End of Ideology
4. Embeddedness in Nature: Ego vs. Eco - centric Perspectives
5. Techno-fantasy: The Possibility of Transcending Natural Limits

The themes represent epistemological and ideological assumptions. Images supporting these themes could arise from documentary, news reporting, advertising, film or any other media since the values and perspectives of the producers are embedded in content across types of media.

12 years, 2 months ago

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