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Demonstrating Relevance: Response- Ability. Memefest exhibition in Ljubljana


Monday evening we opened first exhibition in a series of four. The exhibition will travel to Koper, Berlin and to this years final event held at Oddstream festival in Nijmegen in June. Exhibited are selected works from this years Friendly competition and past festivals. Works are presented in all different media, for you to see, read, listen, play with and reflect.

The event was very pleasant. Interested crowd, good discussion with Memefest members and curators: Nik Jeffs, Alen Ožbolt, Nikola Janović and myself at the round table.

After the official part we all continued till late in the night. :)

We have to say we are proud of what we have all together achieved in the past years. It is wonderful to see peoples reactions on our work. We feel we have come to a certain maturity with what we are doing, after nine years, but it is fantastic to see Memefest still growing.

If you are in Ljubljana come and check it out: http://www.memefest.org/en/memenews/2011/03/memefest-exhibition-ljubljana/

Also, have a look at our new book: Demonstrating Relevance: Response- Ability. It is really good!



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10 years, 9 months ago

Any way to know what works were selected for the exhibition -- or did you already inform those artists selected?


10 years, 9 months ago


10 years, 9 months ago

socially responsive cloud in the sky...
spectral water to drink

10 years, 9 months ago

hi justin, bellow you can find the list of selected works. it's important to note, that:

a) the exhibition is limited by budget
b) the exhibition is limited by space

there is many more works that we would like to include- without doubt- and we will include more in the future. so this list is definetly not to understand as the "ultimate best of memefest. if you want to see a wider range of selected works, have a look at our book:


here is the list:

MEME 2010-11

Paper txt from Kashmir
Author: Alana Hunt
Country: Australia

Design as a Research Tool
Authors: Anja Groten; Janneke de Rooij
Country: Netherlands

The us in virus. Viral sticker inervention
Author: Darija Medić
Country: Yugoslavia

Seduced by love
Author: Monika Klobčar
Country: Slovenia

Capitalism Kills Love (redux)
Authors: Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Aram Tanis and many others
Country: Canada

Welcome to Pine Point
Author: Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons
Country: Canada

Authors: Arwa Ramadan; Manal Al-Mahmood
Country: United Arab Emirates

Find the Love, End the Conflict
Mahya Soltani; Omnia ElAfifi; Rand Almaeeni
Country: United Arab Emirates

Author: Darko Stojkov
Country: Serbia

Angela Frangyan
Country: Armenia

Police kidnapping in Toronto
Olivier D. Asselin
Country: Canada

LesÂmes en friche (Abandon souls)
Olivier D. Asselin; Mathieu LeBlanc
Country: Canada
Jesus News !
Olivier D. Asselin, Mathieu LeBlanc - Xavier Leroux
Country: Canada


Reclaim the screens
Authors: Patrick Tobias Fischer, Christian Zoellner, Thilo Hoffmann, Sebastian Piatza
Country: Germany

Authors: Vadimir Turner, Tarkan begzads, Tadeas Trojanek
Country: Czeck Republic

Radical ATM Service
Debit Card Hijacker
Ivan Kozenitzky, Federico Lazcano

Liberate Tate: Collected Works 2010
Free Art From Oil
Authors: Liberate Tate
Country: Great Britain


The welcome mat
Author: Marilyn de Castro
Country: Australia

Romantic taxonomy
Author: shannon linde; alexis ronse
Country: Canada

Author: Héctor Espinosa
Country: Mexico

Author: Paolo Casalis
Country: Italy

Redline (information in formation)
Author: Rok Klemenčič
Country: Slovenia

Author: Katie Bush

We Are Committed...
Author: Barbra Tolentino
Country: USA

Ceci n’est pas...
Author: Fabian Frenzel
Country: Germany

Author: Anastasia Faldina; Alexandra Faldina
Country: Russia

Author: Paulo Hartmann
Country: Brasil

Advertising communication
Author: Kostis Basiliadis
Country: Greece

10 years, 9 months ago

hey, oliver, this looks really really cool. wish i was in ljubljana right now! i wonder if in nijmegen will be the same exact selection of works or if there will be space to include more. just curious. checking one by one.. super.

10 years, 9 months ago

Sueño con poder ver esta muestra en Colombia. Felicitaciones por este gran trabajo!


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