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Should we be asking ourselves if the natural and political events have a certain pattern? I think not.
There is no way, nature and politics work as a team - no way! But we could exclude the team work and talk about individual projects, one natural and other political.
The problem with the natural project is that we have no word or way to influence it. It is already planned in advance due to some inside/outside action-reaction phenomena. We are, though, included from the very beginning, but we do not know this until the project is running. Unfortunately, natural projects seem to be interesting and attract our attention only when they are tragical or catastrophically enormous. If it is just a plantation trying its best to survive within the worst possible contaminated air, we have no concerrn. It is too dull. Nature has its own project. We may know or calculate some patterns, but it is always nature who has the upper hand.
Political projects are quite familiar to all of us: they go from taking small amounts of money from already poor people, to destroy a country in order to gain more power over a thing. We are very well informed about what is going on in the world or in our own country. The problem is we don't have, again, nothing to do with it, but just play by the rules imposed to us. Analogy found.

We are just changeable figures in a board game. Problem is, there is no goal, the game is the whole point.


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