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Urban Farming & FRESH (The most awesome supermarket in the world)


Hey all! For the Memefest2013 theme of Food Democrazy, I just wanted to share some really promising recent initiatives from Copenhagen, Denmark:

First of all there is FRESH (subtitled: The most awesome supermarket in the world)

FRESH presents itself as "a holistic concept that goes beyond the boundaries", offering the citizens of Copenhagen a living supermarket in the city. Instead of simply grabbing food off the shelves, FRESH is about actively harvesting from rasied beds. By engaging the "consumer" in the garden work, the vegatables become extremely cheap, while being totally fresh. Read more about the concept here:

Danish website: http://jordforbindelse.wordpress.com/fresh-2/fresh/)

FRESH facebook group (with lots of good images):

Secondly there is OPENgardenCPH:

OPENgardenCPH describes itself as urban farming, stating:
"Whether you have a small garden, a balcony or a backyard, it is possible to grow your own vegetables. In OPENgardenCPH I'll show different possibilities for what you can grow in very limited spaces. Look forward to interesting content on 'Urban Farming', recipies, seeds, food, harvest and much more"

Danish website: http://opengardencph.dk

Also OPENgardenCPH has a facebook group here:

(Image from Sepp Holzers Permakultur, Leopold Stocker Forlag, 2008)


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