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PET $HOP$: When the affection is objectified as profit ($).($)

Pets generally very pleasing to humans. It is very common that people like to stroke his hair, scratching their heads, get them on your lap, play with them and even live together more closely, even to the point accommodates them and they sleep in his bed. Just over a decade in Brazil emerged shops specializing in sales of accessories, medicines, shelter ("houses" / "path"), toiletries, baths, trims, accommodation and all sorts of products and services to pets, titled "Pet Shops" (or, in the literal translation of English, shops specializing in sales of baby animals). But will all the owners and employees of these establishments really concerned, dedicated, loving, animal friendly, or a vast majority thinks only of profits, without presenting any of the qualities mentioned earlier in this sentence?

One of the things that stands out in some pet shops is the fact that some of them selling animals. This is something unethical for two reasons:

1) The animals are crated / caged, without any comfort or decent space, proportional to its size, leading them often to stress and / or depression (animals also feel it! And how!). To make matters worse, some pet shops still sell birds. Wow, birds have wings because nature made them to fly, to be free. And many people, unfortunately, end up trapping them just to hear their songs, repetition of words (the popular "blond"), admire their colors, sometimes even believing they are better off in the cage than in the wild. Absurd! What crime did these creatures have committed to deserve to be imprisoned?

2) Often the animals are only sold because they are "race." These animals, mostly coming from breeding individuals (such as kennels and catteries), are also retained from little cubicles where they develop stress, depression or even some other disease caused by deprivation of freedom, as can be seen in documentaries on the subject, as EARTHLINGS (of 9 minutes and 58 seconds to 11 minutes and 30 seconds. Although I recommend to people who want to delve into animal issues the documentary in its entirety). Why, moreover, if we, humans, to prioritize a race among us, despising the other human races, committing the crime of racism, what is it we're doing to animals?? The very thing! That is being prejudiced. Is not the breed that makes an animal becomes a special friend in our lives, but the way that the Treaty, regardless of race that she has, or better yet, does not possess. WE ARE WHO WE SHOULD BE, OR LEARNING TO BE, "OWNERS" * "RACE"! That is, people who treat animals the height of what they can do for us, caring for them, loving them, protecting them unconditionally. The sale of purebred dogs in pet shops is due primarily to the high profit that provides them with such activity. After all, animals are expensive! Remember that many dogs have been abandoned on the streets, why not adopt them, instead of buying another one who sometimes end up meeting the same fate?

Another point to be highlighted in most pet shops is the lack of due attention to the animal. Not infrequently the "owner" to send, for example, your dog medication to take a bath in a Pet Shop, in order to combat ectoparasites such as fleas and ticks, and the bath do not fight in the animal. Or rather, they may even fight, but the shipping to the house of his "own" the car of the Pet Shop, where there are various other dogs (after all, "Time is money !!!"), end up taking them again.

Also, is perceived to lack of patience and love of some of the employees of these stores with their clientele, our animal friends. They take us anyway, we pull the chains without the least care and strongly, tosam us in ways that sometimes irritate your skin, giving them itchy, among other actions. Just look more carefully the Pet Shops and certainly verify the occurrence of all this.

Well, in the above in this article, let me reiterate two points. The first is that not all animals Pet Shop is the aforementioned ways, though mostly still do. The second is that I am not disputing the fact that the profit from Pet Shops. The question really is how they do it. That is, not treating animals ethically, showing total disregard for the beings that we love and that even nfaça.mas things, just that we observe most atheistic loved them, but still deserve all the respect due to the existence and the importance they have on Planet Earth , and are guarded and protected by the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (

It's time to change this picture. ANIMALS ARE NOT OBJECTS.

**Don't agree at all with the word "Owner", because no living creature on the planet Earth can be relegated to the status of another object. Everyone is born, and we are free by nature.

Paul H. M. Lütkenhaus, written on September 20, 2011, published on September 28, 2011.






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