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Community Harvest Project

Hello all! I find this super meaningful and I am seeking your support. I have been participating in the Community Harvest project twice and was both times blown away by the magic created by bringing together such diverse communities, people of such different backgrounds and with such incredible life stories. The Community Harvest Project does the best job, I have ever seen in finding meaningful, joyful, intimate and far reaching ways to build human bonds of trust, collaboration and cohabitation. I have learned by moving to Australia what it means to be far away from home and how important it is to feel welcomed, connected and appreciated. But I am on the privileged side of the society. Many people aren't. This is an utterly beautiful project through which I have learned so much about people, food, cooking, music and life. The project works in Melbourne and is now seeking support. Please take time, and check the link bellow and please consider a donation however small or big. It really will help make a difference for many amazing people. Thanks! Check out link bellow:


Food Democracy book presentation Webinar!

Three weeks ago I did this live Webinar with Online School of Food Design founder Francesca Zampollo. We discussed the Food Democracy book and food design. Here it is in full recorded. Check it out. Here also the link to the book: http://memefest.org/en/fooddemocracy/

Food Democracy Webinar!

Dear Friends, join us for the FOOD DEMOCRACY live Webinar where I will be together with Franceska Francesca Zampollo discussing the latest book, Food Democracy, Critical Lessons in Communication, Design and Art on November 22 7 PM GMT+ 1.

Check more about the book here: http://memefest.org/en/fooddemocracy/

Find link for the webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8D1G4gwwVA.

If you can't make it for the live webinar, don't worry, you will be able to watch the whole session on this link: https://onlineschooloffooddesign.org/p/food-design-webinars?utm_campaign=custom_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=student_mailer.

Here are the times: 7pm GMT+1 - Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid etc.

6pm GMT - UK, Lisbon, etc.

4pm GMT-2 - Brasilia

2pm EST - NYC

11am PST - Los Angeles

12pm CST - Mexico City

1pm GMT-5 - Bogota'

11pm GMT+5:30 - New Delhi

3am of November 23 GMT+9 - Tokyo

5am of November 23 GMT+11 - Melbourne

Looking forward to see you and discuss more.

Expanded social documentary: strategies, techniques, and experimental forms.

Photo, video, research and storytelling master class led by Memefest curator Scott Townsend not to be missed!

A 7 day course introducing new techniques and ideas of social documentary.

Using different ways of recording and interpreting (sound, interview, photo, video, etc.) people and their practices and environment, students will create, edit, synthesize and communicate their research as creative and experimental visual form through broadsheets, using text and image, or through time based forms such as short video or audio pieces. This work will be exploratory in nature. Students will be supported technically and creatively, and will be assisted with previous exploratory research done in 2015. Students will collaborate in teams as needed to facilitate their successful completion of the class. The master class will also tentatively include a one day trip to Corfu for a related conference at Ionian University (details are being developed and will be updated on this site).

Venue : Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture /Island Kefalonia-Greece

Eligibility: The class is addressed to artists, designers, video artists, photographers, animators or anybody interested developing a new practice.

Time : MAY 16TH to May 23th 2016/ Opening Date for Applications : January 30th 2016 - no deadline

Instructor : Scott Townsend

More information here:



Memefest Cuba! Change in Everyday Life: Dialogue and Critique through Design in our Times

Memefest Workshop: Change in Everyday Life: Dialogue and Critique through Design in our Times

Instituto Superior de Disegno, Havana, June 19-25.

Dr George Petelin (Griffith University, Queensland College of Art & Memefest)
Dr Oliver Vodeb (Swinburne University of Technology & Memefest)

Participants: Approx. 20

The five day workshop is aimed at students, academics and professionals. While a communication design workshop it is interdisciplinary and welcomes students and academics and professionals from other areas as well.

The workshop will have a research phase, a production phase and implementation phase. Works created (for example posters) will be implemented in the public space.


The Aim of this workshop is to establish a process for designing visual communications and situations that generate productive dialogue in response to social change.

This methodology adopts three main principles

a) that visual communications must be based on rigorous research,
b) that the research and production should be carried out collaboratively,
c) that the outcomes should be focused towards a sustainable society as well as a critical reflection on the discipline of Design in the light of its social role.


‘Change in Everyday Life: Critique and Dialogue through Design in Our Times’ adopts the premise that changes in society can be better embraced and managed through more informed, more sincere, more adventurous, more imaginative and more open communication: in short, through authentic dialogue on a human level.

Everyday life is the terrain of constant change on an intimate as well as social level. Dialogue is often displaced by advertising and propaganda colonizing everyday life.

Critical design is therefore crucial in order to establish cultures of dialogue.

The majority of communication design as practiced in western democracies serves instrumental interests of the market and is reproducing predatory neoliberal capitalism (van Toorn 1998, 2010, Vodeb 2008). In his paper, Sustainability as a project of history, Clive Dilnot states: ‘Sustainability is that which most cruelly exposes design. Nothing reveals more sharply both the necessity and inconsequentiality of design: its (absolute) necessity as capacity, and its almost complete irrelevance as a value, or indeed as a profession’ (Dilnot 2011).

Design education mostly produces designers as service providers who do not have the capabilities to seriously confront the urgent issues of radical uncertainty and environmental degradation, which are defining conditions of today’s societies.

In a historic moment of change this Memefest workshop will confront the capitalist and socialist design paradigms and seek generative potentials through dialogue and critique.

What is it that we can learn from Western design’s mistakes and what potential might it still have? In this light, what can be learned from Cuba’s unique perspective on Design? How can we think about dialogue and change in times when capitalism and socialism start to speak openly and publicly to each other again? What changes are emerging from this, and what changes will create sustainable economies and nurture and develop truly sustainable design practice?

With the understanding that change is a generative principle, the workshop will explore how Design might make change more positive and productive through creating opportunities for dialogue in the realm of everyday life.

Imaginary POSTERS : MAPPING Workshops

London College of Communication

Wed 10th June

– 16.00 in room D209

Lecture by Oliver Vodeb: Workshops as a Design research method and intervention

Thu 11th & Fri 12th June

– 10.30-16.30 in room D209


This praxis based two-day design workshop will be investigating the medium of posters as a critical mapping tool.

The workshop will focus on design as a process and will investigate workshops as design pedagogy, research & intervention.

Communication designers use a wide range of methods in their research and creative process. One of the main approaches are workshops, which as a format allow for a range of different cultures of designing. We are interested in these cultures and will look closer at the potentials of workshops through mapping these potentials with a series of three posters.

Workshop will be mentored by:

Oliver Vodeb (Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne + Memefest)
Tony Credland (LCC MAGD + Cactus Network)

Bring photo cameras and laptops.

If you will be in London in June 10-13th and would like to participate in this workshop- you are warmly invited. Let us know - write to oliver at memefest dot org and tony at cactusnetwork dot org dot uk

WHITE & BLACK FILM / Vladimír Turner

In 2012 Memefest Awarded Czech artist Vladimir Turner the special award for Imaginative Critical Intervention and invited him to our in residence program which was held in subtropical Brisbane. As participant in our extradisciplinary symposium and workshop at the Queensland College of Art on the theme Debt in Brisbane, Vlad produced fantastic work and inspired and moved us all with his crazy inteligent ways of looking at the world and doing things.

Vladimir stayed for 5 weeks and took a week off to travel to Warmun in the remote Kimberley region to visit our common friend artist and curator Alana Hunt. While there he filmed a lot and talked to Alana and from the conversations a portrait emerged.

The conversations Vlad and I have had about Aboriginal culture and the current conditions Aboriginal people are living were also an early inspiration, which later developed in to large collaborations between Memefest and Aboriginal networks.

I remember when he came back, how deeply he was moved by what he experienced in the desert region. The sharp beauty of the recently finished film is here to resonate with with us in ways only Vlad can create.

It makes us happy and proud at Memefest to be close to such exceptional artists and share a special friendship. And we very much wish there would be more of such art.





Oliver Vodeb






I am a member of Memefest communication/art/theory Kolektiv, and founder, curator and editor of Memefest Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art. Iam also facilitator of Memefest online social network.

I am an Academic at RMIT University, Melbourne. I teach and research mostly in the field of communication design. I approach design/communication from a critical inter/ extradisciplinary perspective and I investigate theoretical, strategic, conceptual and "hands on" practice.

I enjoy working in many different media including visual and text.

Books I have published :





This was my studio in Slovenia (2004-2012): www.poper.si

CV (sort of): http://www.memefest.org/en/about/who_we_are_oliver_vodeb/

You can read some of my texts here:

I have joined the Memfest community becasue i am interested in

I have been here from the very beginning of Memefest. I am interested in communication/design for social and environmental change.
I name such communication socially responsive communication.

Broadly speaking I am interested in visual communication, photography, sociological aspects of communication, design and media.

Iam interested in institutionalised forms of communication like for example communication done by design/communication studios and advertising agencies as well as non institutionalised forms of communication like tactical media or broader aspects of media activism.

In a slightly more academic language:

I am interested in how critical social theory can illuminate the complex processes of production, distribution and reception of public (visual) communication in order to generate public communication as a responsible social, political, economic and cultural practice.

I am particularly interested in relations between concepts of response-ability and communication effectiveness, and the social construction of design and other forms of pubic communication as profession, practice and praxis within academia, the market environments and non-institutionalised communities.


was studiing at Faculty for social sciences University of Ljubljana


PhD in sociology of communication and design

Working place

RMIT University, School of Design, Master of Communication Design

Music I like

Flamming Lips, Pixies, The Black Crowes, Demeter, Porno for Pyros, Ry Cooder, Junior Kimbrough, Townes van Zandt, T-model Ford, The Dirty Three, Bonnie Prince Billy, Primus, Faith no More, Bob Dylan, RHCP, Alice Donut, Faith no more, Mark Lanegan, Reigning Sound, Total Control;

Books I like

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, A Confederacy of Dunces, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, PanikHerz...;

Films I like

The man who wasn't there, No country for old man, Genova, Zidane a 21st century portrait, There will be blood, Il Postino, Festen, Straight Story, Wild at heart, White Ribbon, Dog tooth;

Communication projects I like

I like stuff we did at Poper studio. I like posters from Inkahoots. I like the zine project 23/56 from Kevin. I like many things that were submitted to Memefest, I like stuff from Cactusnetwork, I like the work of Image-shift.

Websites I like

poper.si, memefest.org, magnumphotos.com, mubi.com, ubu.com, http://twotheories.blogspot.com, brianholmes.wordpress.com, www.lensculture.com, www.burnmagazine.org, www.bagnewsnotes.com, www.cactusnetwork.org.uk, http://www.image-shift.net, www.inkahoots.com.au/

People I like

My dear family and my wonderful friends.