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MEMEFEST EXHIBITION in Koper / insight

On the 24th of August in the PiNA e-Cafe in Koper we opened the fourth exhibition MEMEFEST: DEMONSTRATING RELEVANCE:RESPONSE-ABLITIY. The exhibition was opened during one of the most known events "REVIVING THE STREET", which the last 12 years brings to life one of the most quiet streets of Koper. The project is organized by the Students' Association of Koper and is extremely popular on the Slovenian coast.

The exhibition attracted a significant number of visitors already on the first evening. Some visitors have taken the time and watched the documentary THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF ART: THE SHORT STORY, which was prepared by the PiNA crew during the ODDSTREAM festival in the Netherlands. The evening passed in a relaxed summer atmosphere, as you can see in the picture that were taken at the opening in Koper. The exhibition will be on display in the e-Kavarna PINA until the 7th of September 2011.

The exhibition MEMEFEST: DEMONSTRATING RELEVANCE: RESPONSE-ABLITIY  is a selection of static, interactive and visual communication works, which were  curated as part of Memefest competitions between 2002 and 2010. Presented communication works are not contemplative, but responsive and critical. Every single work was created in response to specific problems - as identified by the festival, which draw on current global and local realities of everyday life. The communication works fall on the left side of the today's confusing capitalist spectacle dichotomy: the critical / affirmative visual communication production. Their aim is clear, as they are trying to liberate the trapped views from the spectacle apparatus and open up new horizons of thinking and acting.

Pina crew & Memefest crew

Exhibition curated by: Rok Klemencic and Oliver Vodeb
Memefest (Rok, Dejan)
Karim Shalaby

MEMEFEST PUBLICATION: Friendly competiton 2010-11

Unfortunately the news is not that fresh, but is still very relevant!
As some of you might know, we were working on the publication covering Friendly competition 2010-11. We got it from the printer just a day before our travel to Nijmegen where we organized Memefest Workshop. We know it was almost two months ago, but - with a kind of  summer vibe and a lot of other things to solve– we are finally presenting for the worldwide community the publication (at least in a digitalized version).
Inside you can find the selection of best projects and works from this year Friendly Competition, divided by categories (just to refresh your memory – participants could participate in three main categories: Visual communication practice, Critical writing and Beyond).
There are also two intro texts: Demonstrating relevance - by Nikola Janovič  and Love:Conflic:Imgination – by Oliver Vodeb, and a brief insight  into this year project etapes, with description of this year partners organizations.   
A big big thanks to all of you contributing your works! Hope it will serve as an inspiration of critical thinking and acting for everyone!
Some technicals:
Format: A5
Pages: 70
Printed on Offset Cyclus (100% postconsumer recycled paper)
At this certain moment we are trying to spread the printed version all over the globe. You will find it at least spread through our project partners hubs: Loesje in Berlin, Pink Sweater in Nijmegen (Netherlands), Pina (Koper, Slovenia) and Ljubljana – of course. There are some copies also in Brisbane (AUS), etc.

For the impatient ones we uploaded a PDF version on Isuu. Here is the link.



Meme posters visiting Metelkova mesto, a legendary alternative place in Ljubljana and the dashboard at the entrance of Student organization in Ljubljana.


This is my illustrated interpretation of the phenomena of digital media and Wikileaks BOOM we are confronted with in this period.
It`s a cover illustration for the student magazine KAŽIN of the University of Primorska region - Slovenia.

Slovenian national public TV always an issue

Slovenia could be proud of the national television. National public TV was traditionally quite good, with program covering different thematics related to wide audiences.

But some years ago the TV was parazited and sucked by the right wing government who won the ellections. What happened was umbelivable:
- a new law which was written by one person in extremely short time, without public debate, without listening to warnings of slovenian and international media experts.
- they positioned their people on important places based on political simpathies.
- fighting with commercial channels for the audience with banalization, trivialization of the programm…
- cancelling a lot of good, critical, alternative shows (music shows with alternative music, jazz, art, political satire) and swap them with shows covering slovenian traditional music, etc.
- catolic church recieved their package of minutage
- etc etc etc…

The parliament –now left wing, has accepted a new, better law... but the right wing parties – connected in a coalition managed to obtain a referendum on the new law. It will be in the middle of december. People will be asked if they accept the new law or not.

I am designing and illustrating a student magazine for the student organization of Universtity of Primorska in Slovenia… For the cover illustration I wanted to highlight this issue
Here is the illustration… Hope you like it.

ISTANBUL the gate to orient

I just came from Istanbul where we put up an exhibition of the project of the studio I am working in - Studio Poper.
I wanted to share a photo which somehow describe the chaotic nature of this megalopolis.
Trafic trafic trafic...





Rok Klemencic






I am a graphic designer from the coast of Slovenia, hungry to amplify MEMES with strong/ethical content.
Right now I am doing a master in Visual communication studies in the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana researching the theme of Ecology in Graphic Design. Otherwise I work as a graphic designer for Studio Poper, a communication studio with strong social engagement, based in Ljubljana.

Some of my design work here:

I have joined the Memfest community becasue i am interested in

When I realized, as a young visual communicator, that we live in a neoliberal absurdness surrounded by ethical crisis, I wanted to involve all my creative energies to projects connected with deep ethical connotation.

In 2003 or 2004 I found out the project called Memefest, which was kind of revelation for me. The content on the website impressed me so much, because there I found a quite big international community of people thinking and creating in the way I wanted to do it.
After all Memefest project was developed in Slovenia, I really loved the concept and I said to myself that it was insane not to try to get involved. At that point I realized that I need to get in contact with the organization. I really wanted to know the team and I was open for absorbing new knowledge.
At the time my anger on visual pollution that commercial visual communication was producing was enormous, and I thought that collaboration with people involved in Memefest community can just help me to make my point of view clearer.

That feeling of anger, now mixed with other feelings, is still here, that`s why I am still a part of Memefest.


Academy of Visual arts and Design / Ljubljana


visual art pedagogy, visual communication

Working place