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My work explores the boundaries of new media and poetry; the verses are represented graphically by a collage, a symbol and a colour to communicate the poem throughout an aesthetic way.


I am not present but I reside here,
A song out of tune,
A discarded melody.

I am a body with clothes
A face I cover,
A hidden smile.

I am the path I’ve walked
And the places I haven’t been to.

I don’t pray to your God,
I might not say hello.

I am not a part of something,
I am absent but I am here.


Project details

Author(s):Erika Siabatto




How does project benefit the client (if there is a client)?
No client

How does project benefit the people you are speaking to with your communication?
ABSCOND speaks mixed traditional and contemporary languages to express poetry.

How does project benefit the wider society?
I hope it evokes critical aspects of fashion consumption and identity.

How did/does this project benefit author (authors/makers of the project)?
It allowed me to explore a new media to expand in the interdisciplinary of fashion.

Tell us something about your view on communication. What is your / your organisation's / initiative's (visual) communication philosophy?
I aim to formulate new questions about fashion as a sociological study.

What about the process of creating this work? Please describe it.
I used recycled old calendars for the city images and juxtaposed them with free mainstream street magazine editorials then painted the areas I wanted to evoke a special feeling from, as a way to signify the iconic.

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