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Dejan Vodeb


Realized that we live in a not perfect world, controlled by corporations on one side and humankind with a big ethical crisis on the other side, I joined in 1997 the student radio station in Maribor - MARŠ (Mariborski radio študent). Later I moved to Ljubljana to study at Faculty for Social Sciences (Communication studies). Moved to Ljubljana, I have to leave the student radio station but soon realized that I need something more… Memefest. I joined Memefest in the very first beginnings in the year 2002 when Oliver Vodeb called me to form a new kind of festival. From than on I’m in charge of the organization at the festival and enjoy being a part of the team every second.

I collect my knowledge in advertising from 2006 on at the advertising agency Lowe Avanta in Ljubljana.

Living in Ljubljana at a house with a beautiful garden I was born in 1977 in Maribor, the city, in which I always return with pleasure.