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Memefest poster 2007

Available in following formats:
- Memefest poster 2007 (.PDF)
- Memefest poster 2007 (.JPG)
A printable .pdf version of selected works from three years Memefest:

- memefest_catalogue_web.pdf
Memefest Zebra sticker

Sticker is available in Adobe Reader format:
- meme zebra (.PDF)

Memefest stickers

Stickers are available in Adobe Reader format:
- bordo red(.PDF)
- ordinary red (.PDF)

Memefest logos

Vector logos are available in these various formats:
- logos.ai (Adobe Illustrator)
- logos.eps (Enhanced Postscript)
- logos.wmf (Windows Metafile)
- logos.emf (Enhanced Metafile)
- logos.fla (Flash)

Bitmap logo is available in these formats:
- logo.psd (Adobe Photoshop)
- logo.tif (TIFF file)
- logo.gif (Internet standard)

Resizing by 50% / 200% is recommended. Use "Nearest Neighbor" resampling when resizing.

About downloads

A gift and a tool- what ever you find here is meant to be used. You can use some things- like the ones from Open meme for your communication of your purpose. Just download, print and distribute.

Memefest material is mainly meant from promotional use. If you are a journalist and you need more graphic material from us- write to: memefest at memefest dot org