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Description of campaign/project

I feel compelled to set up a space to critically reexamine the motives hidden behind or within certain sets of assumptions, and in turn, to make sure that this query (the video, the audio, the written word) becomes part of the historical record. I believe the very act of documenting to be a radical act, one that has proven historically to be a vital form of resistance.

Through the rhythm of clapping hands, the repetition of images in equally timed segments, and a satisfying text, AXIOM examines how we can be physiologically as well as psychologically lulled and seduced. As a high-functioning receptor, the human brain is indiscriminate about what it picks up. So how then do we resist the seemingly benign - a charismatic leader, an ad campaign - when we’re mesmerized by it in spite of our better judgment? I know who benefits from exploiting our natural susceptibility to coercion. The query proposed here, and repeated every time AXIOM is screened, is what can we do to prevent it?

Working within the visual dimension is the most effective way for me to address issues - and the moving image especially, because it can carry a greater amount of informational nuance.

(Please see the responses above and below.)

The motivation behind all my work is an attempt to reconcile what I can't make sense of - politically and socially - in light of the fact (and challenge) of simply being human. My main audience is me.


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How do we resist the seemingly benign when we're mesmerized by it in spite of our better judgment?

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Sally Grizzell Larson

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Conceived, produced, and edited by the artist. The text in the piece was edited from the writings of Amédée Ozenfant (1886-1966).


United States of America

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I make art that considers and questions the existing social (and political) structures governing our communities and the world at large. AXIOM, the project submitted here, has been exhibited/screened at a wide variety of venues including alternative spaces, museums, and community festivals. I’m not particular about where the work is shown.