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Description of campaign/project

The work is dealing with common human-machine interaction and questions the concepts of constantly being online and also the motion-patterns, that are becoming self-explanatory.

Im using the context-replacement.

I hope that it is raising doupts about "personal devices".

I regained for for a moment active physicality and it functioned as short brake from normalized every-day.

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This work is successful as a video, but even more so as a physical intervention. There is a balance of humor and criticality that makes for successful communication. And, it would certainly serve to create a momentary destabilizing experience for observant passersby.

I was initially reluctant to choose this work as one of the 7 that I selected, due to the fact that Beyond category specifically calls for "participatory projects". However, I feel that this work demonstrates a physical engagement with public space in a manner that translates well both as an action and as documentation. The gesture enacted is equally absurd and critical; perhaps even prophetic of a not-so-distant future landscape.

Seeing this work, I was immediately reminded of Alex Villar’s video/performance work, which I first encountered in 2004 as part of the Interventionists show curated by Nato Thompson. Like Villar, the artist here uses the found environment to illustrate social hypocrisies, influences, and mediated constructs.

Based on the comments in the submission, I am led to believe that the video was the end point (i.e. - the action was secondary). Part of the challenge that this work faces is the tendency to read it as a one-liner. Yet, the power of an "absurd" gesture lies in the ability to destabilize the norm - often through repetition to the point of collapse (or authoritarian interruption). Have you thought about other actions that can be produced/documented accordingly? For example, are there other instances of "context replacement" that you could further build upon?

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Ivar Veermäe

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Idea + performance + video editing



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Krzysztof Debicki

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The work deals with the notions of “smart technology” gaining more and more presence in lives of the people and their environments. The gadgets and screens become almost self-explanatory. The technological objects seem to become more personalized, but the whole body - object interaction sets are defined by the objects design and interface.