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We have built a virtual city of Plakatopolis that aims to reflect the current state of outdoor advertising in Ljubljana. We are creating a space where a discussion about the state in which Ljubljana has found itself in regard to outdoor advertising, can take place.

We use social media to invite people to an open discussion about the subject. All opininos, suggestions and toughts are welcome. Participatory communication and cooperation in shaping the agenda are at the core of Plakatopolis.

The benefit, if we suceed, is going to be a less visually and otherwise polluted environment in Ljubljana and hopefully Slovenia. A public space void of commercial, one-way messages that serve no other purpose than the stimulation of consumption. We hope Plakatopolis can also show that participation and active involvement can move boundaries of thinking, create social connections and help people reevaluate what they have taken for granted, all of which has emancipatory potential and brings a sense of empowerment.

We are in the process of learning and evaluating our approach. We are exploring the ways in which we can maximise interest and lead a fruitfull and constructive debate. We are also getting in touch with various communities of people that invest their time and resources in whatever they stand for, which is an enriching experience.

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I respect the aims of this project as set out by the authoring collective: to create "a space where a discussion [can occur] about the state in which Ljubljana has found itself in regard to outdoor advertising." With that said, these aims alone are not what I most appreciate about this work. Rather, I find it a rather remarkable gesture - in and of itself - to attempt to map out all of the outdoor advertisements in a city. This Sisyphean (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisyphus) task accomplishes several interesting cultural goals: 1) the mapping aspect makes visible in a god's eye perspective the very issue being addressed; 2) the accrued imagery produces a unique chronological archive documenting the urban landscape at this particular moment in time; 3) the use of social media to help produce this archive is an interesting, project-specific use of Facebook; 4) the act of documenting these sites requires a psychogeographical approach to navigating the city that sets up a dramatic, yet anti-climactic, contest between the individual and the so-called "powers-that-be"; and, 5) hopefully, the main goal of producing actionable dialog regarding outdoor advertising can and will occur.

Of this last point, I am the most skeptical. The danger of relying too heavily on social media for a project like this is that the project will scrape by on the periphery of people's attention - and, to a large degree, people who are already sympathetic to the project's aims to begin with. Could there be an analog, public, expression of this project as well? Guided tours? Advertizing safaris? Townhall meetings? Or, perhaps something akin to Center for Land Use Interpretation? Beyond being merely discursive, is it possible to push this project in a direction which can lead to effective social action?

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Javni prostor je naš! / Public space is ours!

Concept author(s)

Kaja Kisilak, Janez Plešnar, Goran Ivašić

Concept author year(s) of birth

1986, 1985, 1984

Concept author(s) contribution

At the moment we do not divide our work strictly, but rather work together on all the things that need to be done.




Kaja Kisilak, Janez Plešnar, Goran Ivašić

Designer(s) year(s) of birth

1986, 1985, 1984

Designer(s) contribution

All descisions have been made unanimously.



Copy author(s)

Kaja Kisilak, Janez Plešnar, Goran Ivašić

Copy author(s) year(s) of birth

1986, 1985, 1984

Copy author(s) contribution

All descisions have been made unanimously.



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Activism against outdoor advertising that we practice form our homes, online and whenever we find time. For now.