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Plant Exchange

Description of campaign/project

The Plant exchange is a social concept where the community can exchange their home plants, flowers and seeds with their neighbours. The plant exchange is a location that let's neighbours meet each other and share their stories, while it is also a place to store and donate plants. The work is an installation or a concept of a place where local neighbourhood residents and citizens can bring and leave their old plants and choose new house plants for their homes for free of charge.

Basic idea:
1. It is a location where people can come
2. bring your old plants and flowers
3. meet neighbourhood residents at nice place
4. leave with someone else's plant and have new flowers at your home

The work explores the alternative ways of building communities and communications.

(This is actually more like installation or social concept rather than visual project. There wasn't an appropriate category for project that combines the social, activist and artistic aspects together. )

It is a social concept where the community can participate and create their own space beyond the consumer society and corporate space. The social space and its participatory interaction is based on mutual trust, non-commercial exchange and goodwill.

It strengthens the local community, provides alternatives for exchanging goods and provides community a way to meet each other and make each other happy. It changes the focus from production and consumerism to exchange of ideas and do-it-yourself. It change focus from how much does it pay and branding the products to feelings, creativity and building sustainable future and good neighbourhood.

I deepened my understanding of social interaction and bio arts.

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This project is a great example of real social communication - realized with an artistic approach. It´s a concept people can easily understand and appreciate and participate - without having a big knowledge of art history. It´s accessible and made for and with the people, it´s quite a "quiet" artwork (it do not need to be loud, aggressive and destructive to have an impact) and still it can change a lot. I also like the non-commercial exchange that transforms into a verbal exchange that leads to social interaction. See also "Social Seeds" project in Berlin (http://www.ueber-lebenskunst.org/contents/project_view/nodeId:54) and "Adopt a plant" in England (http://www.adoptaplant.co.uk/).

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Plant Exchange


Concept for community plant exchange station

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Jukka Liukkonen (Murrr)

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As an artist, I do installations. My works are very conceptual, social and they interact with the environment around us. Besides being an artist, I'm also an activist. I take part in the environmental and equality issues in NGOs.