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Éthique en plastique

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Description of campaign/project

My performance was a mixture of political VJing, acting performances and political installations on the theme of culture jamming. It took place in a more broad evening celebration of independant medias in Montreal at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT). The theme of culture jamming was here presented in response to a sociopolitical contexte drivin by a fondamental dualism. This capitalist context was then represented by a few themes as the meat consumption.

Live video mixing (Vjing), Acting performances, musical performance, graphical installations (giant banners, photographies, installations)

I did try to compost media icones to disturb cultural conditionning and have a new poetry immerging from it.

Also, my performance took place in a context where a huge bunch of independant medias, community medias, and media activists got together to share, organise and celebrated their works.

Small is beautifull...

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Hi Olivier,

I have to admit a certain bias in selecting your work for Memefest curation, because I actually participated in the Masses et Médias event, as a member of Artivistic/Fuse, and was deeply engaged in the student movement as an artist and community organiser.

Within this context, I found the event was a timely intervention/celebration both of the movement and the activist media in the city. The combination of media tables, artistic installation, carnivalesque performance, and the sociable setting (though the SAT's beer was a bit pricey :P) created a heady mix of activist culture. The performances were eclectic and exuberant and David Widgington's installation of student movement banners was impressive in scale and effect/affect. I personally made some interesting connections, put many faces to names, and in general strengthened my network through this event.

It is hard to separate my personal experience of the evening from my role in curating this project, and it is also a bit difficult to separate your work from the event as a whole, which in itself is an interesting commentary on the collective nature of these alternative practices. This being said, I will attempt to comment on what is presented in the video and your description.

The documentation video does a great job in capturing the general atmosphere of the event, but I would have liked to have been presented with a better portrayal of the performances and projections. I wonder how they specifically relate to the themes of culture jamming, dualism, the "capitalist context" and meat consumption(?) that you mention. Similarly, I would have liked to have a better understanding of the composing(?) of media icons to "disturb cultural conditioning". Though the performances and video material are certainly provocative, I can't seem to make the links to your description. This isn't a criticism of the work itself, but more of its documentation and presentation. I'm very curious about how the aesthetic aspects of the work connected to these ideas, I sense it intrinsically, but would like to see it more explicitly.

What is particularly interesting is the combination of creative performance within the context of a media gathering, and I appreciate the disruptive and mobilising potential of this.The reinscribing of carnivalesque protest within current anti-capitalist organising generally, and within the quebec student movemnet specifically, is inspiring and in my mind representative of a resurgence of energy and creativity with social justice movements.

At the same time, there was a certain sense of memorialisation in both the installations and performances, that could be read problematically. As impressed as I was seeing all the banners hanging within the space, there was a museum-like feel to their presentation that saddened me. I couldn't help but ask why we didn't take them into the street. Given the perceived dissapation of the student movement, I am a bit wary of all the creative work that is (perhaps unitentionally) casting it in a retrospective light, even if it is celebratory.

Celebratory events such as these are incredibly important for the long-term sustainability of progressive/counter-cultural movements, creating essential affective ties within and between communities of resistance. The grassroots, historical documentation and demarcation of these points in time within social movements is also centrally important to collective understanding. It's my hope that these aspects run alongside, and support continued mobilisation.

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Other comments

8 years, 1 month ago

Hello Kevin,
Thanks for your comments.
The beer was definitally pricey if you were paying for it. but next time have a look in the backstage : there was free beers available for all.
About the theoretical themes behind my work, I agree that it may be difficult to fully understand it by watching the video. I have to say that the "disturbance of cultural conditionning" of my work was made of a numerous of elements, simple items like flying bicycles hooked to the ceiling or jumping chirurgists to more complex set-ups like the meat procession and the other procession with a virgin that is masterbating herself with an "gaz gun"...

but in general, the idea was to create an artistic space in which acting, video projections, music and exhibitions converge into making a big soup out of reappropriated sens, symbols and esthtics.

As for the student strike banners, David Widgington would awnser this more accuratelly but from what I understood, his work consist precisely of reintroducing visual archives of the student strike into news uses and contexts with no intention of fixing them permanently.

I hope these awnsers helped you to understand better my work.


VJ olilouya

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Entry details


Éthique en plastique


Éthique en plastique : une performance de brouillage culturel en réponse au dualisme épistémologique

Concept author(s)

Olivier D. Asselin

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Concept author(s) contribution

Main organiser, VJ, stage director




Chantal LeFrenière

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Designer(s) contribution

Costumes, decoration etc.



Copy author(s)

David Widgington

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Main scenograph, Artist of banners exhibition



Other author(s)

Rachel Heap-Lalonde, Pascale Brunet

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1978 - 1982

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Stage manager - Networking manager



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Université du Québec à Montréal, Communication, Experimental media (master)