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MEMEFEST publication Friendly competition 2010-11






We are working on this.

About knowledge

Looking for a place with knowledge about radical communication? Well, here it is!

Edited by Alain Bieber (art), Jason Grant (design) dr. Nikola Janović (sociology/philosophy), dr. Oliver Vodeb (sociology/communication studies) and Vida Vončina (pedagogy) this is a extensive work in process.

We want to cover different aspects of the complex subject and provide some tools for reflection, critique, analysis and of course inspiration. But more than that, this knowledge should be used in the process of your creations: either theoretical or practical. Ideally we would like you to look at communication from a interdisciplinary perspective. Ideally we would like you to bridge theory and practice. This is why we are working on it and we hope this selection will be helpful for you too.

If you feel we have missed something drop us a line : memefest at memefest dot org.