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We are all workers?

Advertising, besides it many problematic dimensions can still be used as a media, a vehicle for communicating beneficial messages. A tricky thing and a slippery terrain, indeed. What i mean with beneficial messages is the concept of embedding a communication surplus, that works beyond the signifying regimes of the brand. For example: a product- that in itself is not harmful can be advertised in a manner that communicates values which are good. People might be interested in the product and connect that with the brand. Others might only read the good message and not necessarily connect that with the product or brand. This is kind of a cognitive gift. Not many advertisements achieve that level of sophistication.

Here is a interesting case. Levis re framing the perception of work and workers with their "Wa are all workers" campaign. Hmm, skepticism at least should be used when approaching such a campaign. Good? Bad? Cooptation?

I leave it to you to make this conclusions.



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