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Radical Magic

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Indeed it was magic. And radical. Memefest "Mapping socially responsive communication" workshop brought together almost thirty fantastic thinkers, educators, designers, artists, activists, students, researchers, proffesionals and above all: good people from arround the world together for eight days of dialogue, work, inspiration and fun. We all came to beautifull Nijmegen's Oddstream festival and spent together eight intense days of hard working rock n roll.

The many different social backgrounds, cultural references, and personal characters created a dynamic of productive conflict and close dialogue.

What happend will have consequences. Maps that were produced are strong and we will use them to change communication practices for the better. Friendships that have been made will last, i know, and plans that were conceived will be put in to action.

The depth and warmth of interpersonal communication, the energy that we all created and the dedication for good communication is inspiring beyond words for all uf us working on Memefest.

This post is just to thank all the fantastic participants, comrades, friends and collaborators: Mathieu Tremblin, Monika Klobčar, Alana Hunt, Jody Joanna Boehnert, Sarah Dugan, Simon Perčič, Anja Groten, Janneke de Rooij, Lenka Klimešová, Kima Toromajyan, Giada Totaro, John Jordan, Vladimir Turner, Manal Al Mahmood, Arwa Ramadan, Scott Townsend, Teja Kaštrun, Alain Bieber, Jason Grant, Tony Credeland, Shoaib Ahmad, Sandy Kaltenborn, Paulo Hartmann, Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo, Ines Nin, Frederic Dobuis.

A longer post with much more insight in to the workshop and its results will be published next week.

With love, conflict and imagination!

Oliver, Dejan, Vida, Rok


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11 years, 8 months ago

sounds and looks great. a pity that we weren´t able to participate! hopefully next time! and much respect and thanks for organizing everything!!!!! Thanks

11 years, 7 months ago

Truly a warm, inspirational and educational experience. Thank you again for all the hard work everyone put into making this happen - it was an education I couldn't get elsewhere, and I truly appreciate everything, everyone did. Thank you again.


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