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Memefest with Occupy Brisbane: Socially responsive communication Workshop

MEMEFEST, in conjunction with OCCUPY BRISBANE and The Free University of (Occupied) Brisbane Presents:

Response-Ability, Socially Responsive Media and Communication Workshop

Participants will include members of the Brisbane Memefest Collective, members of Occupy Brisbane Media Working Group and other participants or supporters of Occupy Brisbane.

Place and time:

Brisbane City Council Library Community Meeting Room
9am-5pm on January 11.

The purpose of this workshop is to collectively analyse the past OB communication approaches and tools and discuss strategies and tactics that might be useful for OB in the future. Concepts, concrete ideas for communication tools should be discussed and worked on as well.

Discussion and creative process should include:

1. Internal communication of OB
How can OB use communication in order to organise and communicate as a group?

2. Media situation in Brisbane.
What are past media appearances and representations of OB in media? What is the image of OB that we would like to see? Discussion about OB public communication goals.

3. Media strategies.
How to approach/ work with media and journalists? What was done in the past, what are the problems and what the opportunities?

4. Public communication/intervention strategies.
Defining concrete goals- what and how to communicate, whom to address, which issues to open?

5. Designing the tools.
Words, Images, Processes, Technologies

ps: all are welcome. If you would like to propose things to this workshop agenda, feel free to do it.


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