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Memefest Festival: before the launch- some notes on what is about to happen

Hey… Yes, it's time again!
Memefest Festival of Socially responsive communication and art is soon to be launched. While the last preparations are taking place, I will post a few notes to give a bit of a context on what's happening.

The official launch of the next festival and the Friendly competition is planned to happen in the next week. We are incredibly excited about this year’s theme. What exactly it is we will tell during next week, although you could find out if you tried, because we left some traces in the data sphere and set things in place for the launch. The image above, however might give you some ideas what will be the focus of our discussion this year.

We have been and still are connected with the Occupy movement and this year’s friendly competition theme was inspired by this collaborations and the world wide movement.

We will again work with some of the best curators and editors in relevant fields to create the feedback loop for your works and determine, through our public and responsive process, which ones are the very relevant ones.

We have started collaborations with some more universities around the world, creating the possibility for wider intervention in to the existing university system. In this way we can contribute to the necessary institutional change but also collaborate with special people and pockets within the university machine developing collaborative research and projects.

More activities are about to happen in Australia and, if plans become true, in the wider Asia Pacific region.

Our fantastic experience with the last international workshop in Nijmegen in the Netherlands is still in the air and we do work towards repeating something similar in the context of this next festival too.

We are working on a exhibition in Mexico City, a project initiated and facilitated by Hector Espinoza.

Authors of works submitted to the critical writing category will have for the first time the option to choose: if edited, their work can be published in an academic journal. But that is only an option, since some of you might prefere to stay outside of academia.

One new addition to the festival, we are excited about, is a special new award, that will include an artist/theorist/designer in residence program here in sunny, sub tropical Brisbane. But to keep things a bit in the realm of imagination, I will stop here. More soon.

Oliver- Memefest Kolektiv

* image created from original photos by (John Kolesidis/Reuters, Yiorgos Karahalis/Reuters, Aly Song/Reuters)


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11 years ago

great news!!


Hey, welcome to the official Memefest blog!

Since 2003 we have been using a blog platform as tactical media to reflect, critique, comment and inform around the broad field of communication. Now in 2010 with our newly conceived on-line platform we hope that through time this space will evolve in a collaborative blog media with a wider group of contributors to the global discourse around social responsibility of media and communication. Stuff that you can find here is either original or carefully and originally edited from other sources.  There is a good chance that you will find things that will be of good use for you too if you follow us more regularly.

Of course we look at Memeblog as a dialogic platform. Your comments are encouraged and mostly welcome.

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