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Listening to Brisbane

Dear all Memefest/QCA DEBT Workshop/Seminar participants- two more days and we start. See you soon.

DAY one 15 November 15th:

9 am- @ Queensland College of Art
Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop/Seminar (Oliver Vodeb), introduction of participants.

Presentation of Memefest/QCA Awardees:

10.00 Vladimir Turner: Wonderland series
10.40 Soren Rosenbak: Surplus Debt
11.20 Ivan Kozenitzky: Call Center Experience!

12.00 12h-12.40 Mark Andrejevic: DEBT and surveillance

13-14h Lunch Break

14h-14.40 George Petelin: Cyber-DEBT, Usury, and Political Bullying
14.40-15.40 Anne Marrie Willis & Tony Fry: Understanding DEBT in restricted and general economy
15.40-16.20 Oliver Vodeb: DEBT: The City and Interspatial counter practice

Evening: Photography Graduate exhibition at QCA

Indebted to Intervene- Discussion: George Petelin, Tony Fry, Oliver Vodeb, Anne Marie Willis, Jason Grant;

Memefest curated DEBT projects presentations
12.00- 13h
Ashlea Gleeson: Consumed
Darcy Mangan: Change your mind. Change our world.
Belinda Li: Debt Machine
Emma Bergman: Read Between the Lines

13.00- 14.00 Lunch Break

Charles Mayfield: Savers Credit Card
Luke Robertson & Aaron Gillett: Tunnel Vision

14.30-16.00 Start of Group work

Evening: Design Graduate exhibition at QCA

10.00 – 13.00 Group Work: research

14.00 – 16.00 Change of location for the afternoon- Public space in West End- to be announced.

DAY4: Discussion on Brisbane + Buss tour. Group work on the tour

DAY5 November 19h: Free. Potentially a tour to the Gold coast, but free of organised work at QCA.

10.00 Back to QCA: Conceptualisation, presentation and discussion of concepts. Production.

Evening: Meeting somewhere outside, party, getting to know each other, strategizing for the future.

DAY7: QCA 10.00 Production

DAY8: QCA 10.00 Production and implementation

DAY9: Brisbane various locations 10.00 Implementation on location. Documentation of implementation

DAY10: QCA 10.00 Presentation, evaluation, discussion; strategizing for the future. Evening: celebration


More about the workshops/seminar concept here: http://tinyurl.com/9a9x8qf

More about the workshop/seminar pre preparation activities here: http://tinyurl.com/as5d4vz

More about the Memefest/Queensland College of Art Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention here: http://tinyurl.com/8od38yk


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