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Memefest’s books provide a unique and independent space for contemporary debates towards broader and deeper understanding of inter/extra disciplinary collaboration, communication designs potentially positive social and environmental impact and arts potential to show us new ways of living that go beyond the disciplinary society.

Our books connect theory and practice and bridge disciplines like design, media and communication studies, art and sociology and connect them with progressive academic and outside of academia critical, progressive and marginal cultures. As such they create unique conditions in which cultures, which are usually isolated meet and confront in dialogue.

Since 2015, Memefest is partnering with distinguished publisher Intellect Books UK, which is distributing our book InDEBTed to Intervene. We are currently working on a new series titled Socially Responsive Communication/Design and Art: Memefest Intervetions, starting with a book on Food Democracy- to be published by Intellect in early 2017.