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29.08.2011 | 00.32
Memefest Mexico- a call for collaboration!

Dear Memefest friends!

We have Great news! Memefest Mexico has begun its organizational work for its launch before the end of this year!

The Mexican initiative recognised a strong need for amplifying Memefest ideas in Mexican realities. The team will work on establishing dialogues from a local perspective to understand global issues and at the same time will help strengthen international Memefest community.

We are addressing this invitation to anyone who is interested in joining the Mexican Memefest  team.

For any additional information and all kinds of questions contact hector@memefest.org

Hector Espinoza is a member of Memefest community for several years and actively participated in past editions of the International Festival of Radical Communication. He’s work has been curated at two festivals and he received Memefest good communication work recognition.


We are looking forward to hear from you!


Memefest global & Memefest Mexican team.