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10 years, 10 months ago

Memefest festival 2012

We are currently working on the next festival Friendly competition outlines and are already excited about the outcomes. 

They will be published in February. Deadline for submission of you works will be May 20th 2012. So we still have plenty of time, but you should keep this date somewhere in the back of your head.

After long discussions within Memefest collective we will also change the festival name to: MEMEMEFEST- FESTIVAL OF SOCIALLY RESPONSIVE COMMUNICATION AND ART.

We will write about this more soon, but for now and in short: Socially responsive communication is the theory and the practice behind what we do and it has evolved in the past 10 years while working and researching with our networks. As for ART- many, many artists have always participated in Memefest. Although we looked at art from a communications perspective- art is communication- we think there is a distinction, BUT there is also a strong overlapping. 


Soon more. Its gonna be a great year!