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8 years, 10 months ago

2012 Festival Results are online!

We are very proud to announce Memefest 2012 results! Have a look at them here:


8 years, 10 months ago


Hey there. Busy evaluating your great submitted works at the moment. More work than expected and conditions for evaluation are not always perfect- as in the case of a Memefest curator working in occupied Kashmir under curfew, without Internet access. So... results for all Memefest regular categories will be known on JULY 15th! Results for the Memefest QCA/Griffith award for Imaginative Critical Intervention will be known JULY 31st, as we have to review all those selected by our curators and editors and decide which theorist/artist/designer will be invited to join us in Brisbane for a special extradisciplinary public intervention workshop. This one will be especially time consuming.

We are very much enjoying the process. This is the first attempt to reflect on DEBT from a communication/design -theory and practice perspective. Also, participatory art practices are being pushed Beyond...curent limits.

It's hard to say how precious and how important our all collaboration on this is. More soon.