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Cadavre Exquis - Group Y

Author(s): Jacqueline Gothe; Elisa Lee
Country: Australia
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Description of idea

Cadavre Exquise is a personal response, by 4th year Visual Communication students, to the Meme-fest\'s visual text.

As Alfred Hitchcock\'s trailer is a \"Genius comment on nature\", students wrote their own genius comment on nature and then illustrated this.

During a 3 hour workshop the illustrations were animated over five seconds with each student using the same start and end frames so as to create a seamless loop of animation when joined together.

The animations, sound and text can be randomised so that new meanings and relationships can be formed. The framework for the animations is based on the Surrealist game \"Exquisite Corpse\".

The objectives of this project were:
• To stimulate critical reflection
• To undertake visual research into the communication of their reflection
• To create a collaborative, project by linking individual works
• To stimulate reflection on the relationship between text, audio and visuals


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