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Conflict 1#


Jason and i are working on posters for this year LOVE:CONFLICT:IMAGINATION Memefest theme. Posters are conceptualized around the relation between the three words. We will try to create a open narration, that can be interpreted and reinterpreted by the viewer. Still we are providing a framework of reference to this years festival guidelines. We are experimenting with photography this time.

Here is one. I like it a lot. It was taken at Australia's Gold Coast resort. Where natural beauty and human culture meet: in conflict.


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11 years, 6 months ago

photos?! on a T-shirt? um....

11 years, 6 months ago

so this image means conflict and is taken from a triptych? I like that the conflict is showed with simplicity: the horizontal line is the nature and the vertical is human culture. And the irony is that our society is structured 'vertical', with many artificial laws.

I want just to add a reflection: is not LOVE already a CONFLICT - this with rational and unrational thinking?

11 years, 6 months ago

this image means conflict, yes. it's one of the images we are considering in using in the poster triptych. posters are not completely finished yet, but should be by beginning of next week.

i agree very much with your comment about the vertical structure of our society. a great observation.

love is definitely already a conflict. but the question is what kind of conflict and how love is related to conflict in the sense that conflict can generate a different structure of our society.

thank you for this feedback!


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